• $500.00 per one day
  • $500.00 per one day
  • $2,500 M-F camp meetings plus weekend speaking appointments
  • $2,000 M-F for camp meetings or weeks of prayer
  • $1500 - 3 day weekend (Fri. Night/Saturday/Sunday)
  • $400 Week day or Sunday - local (requiring less than 2 hours ground travel time)
No advance deposit is required, however we do ask that airline tickets be purchased within one week of booking a date.
**Note: Special consideration is sometimes made, based on need & availability. **Industry, hospitals and other for-profit organizations add 25%)
**In addition to the above fee schedule, the sponsoring organization is responsible for travel expenses which includes: airfare, rental car, lodging and food.
For more information please contact:

Brenda Walsh Speaking Topics:
  • Come Holy Spirit
• Can You Hear Me Now?
• Holy Spirit…Deal or No Deal!
• God's Amazing Grace
• Walking With Jesus
• Growing up God's Way
• God's Gift of Friendship
• Kids' Time To Share Jesus
• Kids' Time To Praise Jesus
• Sharing God's Love
• Cure for Pain
• Rx for Happiness
• Recipe for Faith
• Pray Believing!
• Forgive and Forget
  • Opening Prison Doors
• Joy Ride with Jesus
• Prayed Up and Ready to Go
• Flying First Class
• Used by God
• Cry for Help
• Be Willing, Be Obedient, Be Joyful
• Jesus Healer of Hearts
• I Surrender All
• Faith on Fire
• Abandoned But Not Alone
• Becoming Who God Wants You to Be
Linda Johnson Speaking Topics:
  • Power of Prayer
• Love at Home
• Finding the Joy When Your Children Don't Choose Jesus
• What Do We Smell Like...Living in the Fragrance of Jesus
• Heaven in Our Hearts
• The Real War is Not in Iraq
• Living the Life That Counts
• Tell My People I Love Them
• Embracing God's Love
  • The Secret of Being Free
• Stand Still...and Let God Move
• Sharing the Depths of God's love through the testimonies of women in the Bible (Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus, The Woman at the well, Hannah etc.)
Cinda Sanner Speaking Topics:

• Christian Entertaining
• Secret Sister Programs
• Vegan Vegetarian Cooking Demos
• Teaching your Tiny Tots to love Jesus
• God's Amazing Love
• Bitter or Better
• A Beautiful You...Inside and Out
• Family Prayer Matters